Brooklyn Northside Basketball League
Information + Rules


All games are played, on Thursday nights, at two locations across the street from each other:

Brooklyn Northside Catholic Academy at St. Vincent DePaul
180 North 7th Street

Boricua College
186 North 6th Street
Between Bedford and Driggs Avenues

Games are played at: 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30

NCAA College Rules, with the following modifications:

  • Start Times: It is very important that all games, especially the 6:30 games, start on time. The game clock will start exactly at 6:30 and will continue to run until both teams are ready to play. If one team has (5) players and is ready to play, they will be awarded (1) point per minute until the other team is ready. A team without enough players may pick up a player(s) from the sideline to get the game started. Most of you will only be asked to play the early game only a few times during the season.
  • Time of Game: Each half will be (22) minutes running time. The clock will stop on every whistle in the last (1) minute of the first half and the last (2) minutes of the second half. If a player is shooting a foul shot(s) just prior to the last (1) minute of the first half or the last (2) minutes of the second half, the clock will stop at the (1) or (2) minute mark and will start again when play continues.
  • Warm Ups: (5) minutes in between games and (3) minutes in between half's.
  • Time Outs: Each team will have (2) full and (2) thirty second time outs per game.
  • Back Court: The back court line will be the half court line in both gyms.
  • Fouling Out: A player will foul out after (6) personal fouls. A technical foul on a player is counted as a personal foul.
  • Shooting Fouls: A one and one shooting foul occurs on the (7th) team foul. Two foul shots will be awarded on the (10th) team foul.
  • Technical Foul: (2) foul shots and possession.
  • Mercy Rule: A game will be called if a team is down by (20) points with (2) minutes remaining.
  • Overtime: Will be (3) minutes. The clock stops on every whistle in the last (1) minute. (1) time out will be added for each team in the overtime. All other remaining time outs can be carried over.
  • Forfeit: A team which forfeits a game shall be required to pay both teams share of the referees fee.
  • Suspension: Any player who is ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike behavior will be suspended for the next game.
  • Fighting: Any player fighting, with or without provocation, will be suspended for the season.
  • Dead Ball: If a ball hits one of the side baskets (backboard or rim) it is considered out of bounds and a dead ball. The net is not considered out of bounds and is in play.
  • Eligibility: A player must participate in a minimum of (5) games to be eligible for the playoffs. A player can participate in both the A and B divisions with league approval.
  • Lining Up for Foul Shots: (6) players are allowed to line up for a foul shot. (4) defensive players and (2) offensive players. Half of the box (first line on floor) will be shared.
  • Championship Game: Will only be 1 game, not the best 2 out of 3.