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Basketball League

Information + Rules
17 and Under Summer Division

  1. Four ten-minute quarters. Last two minutes of 4th quarter is stop time. Clock runs all other times.
  2. Five fouls on a player (foul out rule).
  3. Shirts are not to be altered in any way. Players are not allowed to play without team shirts.
  4. Seven team fouls is one and one. 10 team fouls is double bonus.
  5. Each technical foul is two shots and possession.
  6. Ejections - Any player ejected must sit the next two games.
  7. Fighting - Any player ejected for fighting, automatic two games plus whatever league officials mandate (expulsion from league possible).
  8. Overtime - three minutes, last minute stop time. Each team gets one additional time out.
  9. Time outs - two full (one minute) and two 30 second per game.
  10. Scorers - All games will be kept by league scorers. They are the same as refs, treat them with respect.
  11. Teams are responsible for their fans. Games can be forfeited for unruly behavior by fans.
  12. Jewelry - Nothing can be worn. No exceptions. No band aids to cover earrings. Any player, who wears jewelry during the game, must be removed from the game immediately and can only re-enter once jewelry is removed.
  13. Teams can be removed from the league if they forfeit three games. This is totally up to the league directors.
  14. Clean up - Teams should clean their bench areas after games. Cooperation would be appreciated.
  15. Eligibility - A player must be 17 at the start of the league (August 1, 2003). Birth Certificates are required.
  16. Forfeits - Teams must have five players to start game. A 15 minute grace period will be given from starting time of game. League has authority to replay games.
  17. For league information, visit our web site at www.foulpoles.com