Brooklyn Queens Basketball League
Information + Rules

Adult Summer Division

  1. Two twenty-minute half's. Last two minutes of 2nd half is stop time. Clock runs all other times.
  2. Six fouls on a player (foul out rule).
  3. Seven team fouls is one and one. 10 team fouls is double bonus.
  4. Each technical foul is two shots and possession.
  5. Ejections - Any player ejected must sit the next game.
  6. Fighting - Any player ejected for fighting, automatic two games plus whatever league officials mandate (expulsion from league possible).
  7. Overtime - three minutes, last minute stop time. Each team gets one additional time out.
  8. Time outs - two full (one minute) and two 30 second per game.
  9. Scorers - All games will be kept by league scorers. They are the same as refs, treat them with respect.
  10. Clean up - Teams should clean their bench areas after games. Cooperation would be appreciated.
  11. Forfeits - Teams must have five players to start game. A 15 minute grace period will be given from starting time of game.
  12. A player must participate in a minimum of half (four games) to be eligible for the playoffs.
  13. For league information, visit our web site at